Glowing Car Racing Set


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Bring even more fun to playtime by adding this Glowing Racing Set to your child's toy room.

Assemble the longest race track and make your kid the coolest kid in town!

Set includes 165 pieces of track, one car, stick-on car decals and a guide.

  • Colorful light-up racing set
  • Features mix-and-match tracks that flex and curve in almost any direction
  • Create a custom speedway up to 8 feet long
  • Included race car has LED lights
  • Car uses 1 AA battery, not included


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The track is easily assembled. My nine year old found the box

Magic Tracks is magic! The track is easily assembled. My nine year old found the box, and he took it upon himself to assemble the tracks. My three year old is so in love with the car, and chases it around the track. Because the track is so flexible, both boys are constantly adding curves and changing the shape, as the car races around and around. While I have yet to get the tracks to glow, this does not reduce my enthusiasm for this product. My boys don't play in the dark anyway. Many toys don't hold my boys' interest for long. This one is does.

Alyssa Caitlin

Fun for little boys

These magic tracks are fun for the two year old I gave them too. He likes the car and uses it in his room with the lights off. It does come apart and the car doesn't seem too sturdy, but it seems to work well enough for a little one to use. I hope they last him a while!


Cool concept. Easy to set up and fun to ...

Cool concept. Easy to set up and fun to play with. The car is a little chincy though! Overall not a bad deal for the price.

marie senegal

easy to assemble and fun!

these are exactly what they look like. they�re easy to assemble, and fun! my 4yo. enjoyed choosing stickers for the car and really loves that the tracks glow in the dark. the tracks are flexy so it allows for more flexibility in design when building the track, which is cool.


This track really is easily adjusted/moved/created. It�s a great and easy way for ...

This track really is easily adjusted/moved/created. It�s a great and easy way for your race kid to make a track and change a track without needed adult help.


very good for younger kids who like the idea of cars going around

I think I got the old track that everybody's talking about. I'm not sure but I think mine is the little bit thicker one. I don't know if it really matters unless you're trying to combine two tracks. The car goes around the track great and the track is super easy to take apart and put together. Each of the 220 pieces are very small. Most of them come put together already and you get like something like 20 pieces which each are made up of 10 pieces of track. (I'm making an example. I didn't count the pieces as they came out of the box and we've put them together and taken them apart quite a bit so I don't know exact numbers.) You can take the pieces apart and snap them together. The track is flexible enough to have curves in different directions. It works well and is simple enough for a four year old to use.The glow isn't too bright. The lights on the car are nice, but you really have to leave the track in sunlight (yes, sunlight) for quite a while to get some glow. Then it's pretty good, but it doesn't last too long.To the older kids it is a nice diversion. To the 3 year old, it's her favorite new toy. She loves how it goes around and that she can change it. She has a great time. She can use help the the detaching and re-attaching. But she can move the whole track still attaches and set it up in different places. It's a very good toy for a toddler. Toddlers don't have the precision for slotcars or the fancy Hotwheels/Anki sets. This is great for her!


Glowing Car Racing Set

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